Marca: Maktest

Modelo: KO 1756

HEUI Puppet Valve Test Module
Independent solution provider for diesel injection problems
K01756 HEUI Poppet Valve Testing Module is designed for solving a time consuming repair procedure problem, by allowing customers to be able test the sealing of the poppet valve when the injector is being assembled.
Once injector is assembled, mounting it for testing on the test bench takes some work and if the poppet valve stroke is not properly adjusted or the poppet valve condition is not good, the injector starts leaking to return and causes the fuel deliveries drop significantly.
K01756 module allows the injector to be assembled properly and tested well to ensure that the injector will not leak once it is mounted for testing on the test bench.
The sleeve adaptor is also used for assembling the injector with ease allowing to set poppet valve stroke and air gap properly to be able to set the fuel deliveries correct. K01756 module is a must to have tool kit for easy repair of any type of HEUI injector.

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