Marca: Maktest


Cummins HPI system testing always had some issues, as the actuators controlling the fuel delivery and the timing control were separate from injector body and the injector testing without these actuators were limited.
Maktest has developed a testing kit to accommodate the Cummins HPI system actuators in the same operating conditions as on the engine to be able to test the injectors as per the working conditions.
This ensures reliable tests of the injector.
The kit also enables testing of the actuators using a master injector as a reference.

In the test solution for Cummins HPI system is contemplated the use of a new Reaction Time Signal Module (or the upgrade of Reaction Time Signal Module that is currently using the client).
It also requiered a high pressure transfer system, changes in the control card and original Cummins actuators.
All this to ensure real solutions for Cummins HPI system.

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