Marca: Maktest

Modelo: PT2012.CRe

Today we all know that we need some equipment to test mechanical diesel pumps as well as common rail system pumps. Tomorrow will have different systems, Hydraulically Amplified Common Rail etc. Every passing year,we are receiving newer diesel injection systems with different requirements for repair and test.
Maktest has designed PT2012.CRe for testing both old and new systems with success...
Built-in Common Rail pump testing.
The most advanced feature for PT2012.CRe is the built- in Common Rail Pump testing capability. The test bench is designed to test common rail pumps, and is delivered with the rail block and necessary attachments.
With its new Dual Metering System, PT2012.CRe measures 2 cylinder's output at the same time. Therefore the measurement is completed within seconds with precision.

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