Marca: Maktest

Modelo: A.1000

A1000 is new memher of the Computer Aided Repair Systems, with manual measuring probe. A1000 has the same precision like K04000 lacking its speed in assembly. It uses the same tools with K04000 and capable to conduct "dry test" to determine the solenoid assembly operation. Computer controlled measurement brings precision level to microns, allowing the customer to assemble the injector in the perfect condition. A1000 eliminates the trial and error approach during the assembly process, introduces a simplified procedure to follow for anyone to assemble the injector without being puzzled. Anyone new to CR injector assembly can start repairing any CR injector with a basic training to use A1000 the software is designed to instruct the user what to do at each step. Instructions are supported with videos and pictures to show the user how to handle the related assembling step. A1000 software instructs the user to measure each part separately and then calculates the respective adjustment shim thickness with its correct tolerances.

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