Marca: Maktest

Modelo: TK 1029.02

Common Rail injectors of Heavy Duty Engines up to 4000 Kw power are tested precisely on New TK1029.02. New Clamping system and spacious injector cabinet allows to mount various geometry injectors.
New design rail block and high pressure pump provides saturated high pressure flow even running the largest common rail injectors.
TK1029.02 injectester CRH is designed for testing high pressure and high volume injectors. Its metering capacity is up to 2000 mm3/stroke.
TK 1029.02 can test standard ELECTROMAGNETIC and PIEZO common rail injectors using K02000 Clamping Unit. K02000 Clamping Unit is designed to adapt all standard common rail injectors to TK1029.02's new injector mount system allowing still to measure INJECTION DELAY TIME and pre-injection flow rates accurately.
TK1029.02 is designed to clamp and drive hydraulic amplified common rail injectors, e.g. Detroit Diesel DD15 Bosch Injectors with Dual Solenoid. Injector drive electronics is designed to control timing and to measure injection delay with precision.

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