Marca: Maktest

Modelo: KO 1870

K01870 is the Bosch IMA Coding module for:
* TK1026.03A and 03B TK1029 model test benches.
Independent solution provider for diesel injection problems
IMA Coding for both Bosch Piezo and Electromagnetic CR injectors
Module runs with the special software to determine the ISA class for piezo injectors and calculate the Target Delivery differences to create IMA codes for Bosch CR Injectors.
Maktest has training centers in 5 locations around the world. Training centers are focused to help customers to stay up to date with new diesel injection systems. Customers are trained for repairing common rail injectors, using special tools and interpretation of test results. Training centers provides continuous support to the customers to help them solve their repair and diagnose problems with diesel injection problems.

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