Marca: Maktest

Modelo: TK 1026.03

TK1026.03, third version of TK1026, is more than a test bench with its new measurement system and many updated features.
The new measuring system is faster and capable to measure bigger injectors up to 450mm3/stroke. Unlike earlier versions. TK1026.03 displays instantaneous delivery and return results from injector. Another new feature is a improved temperature control, providing more accuracy in injector fuel readings.
Maktest provides its customers:
• Updated information concerning test and repair instructions.
• Latest version control software and drivers.
• User's manuals and troubleshooting guides,
• Repair manuals for repairing various common rail injectors.
TK1026.03 control software has more than 500 injector test plans for Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens and Caterpillar common rail injectors. Software and database is upgraded periodically and new models, types or new makes common rail injectors are included as they appear in the market.

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